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Conversational A.I. is a type of artificial intelligence that is designed to ease the workload of human staff in a company by interacting with customers, clients, and other users. is used as a method of human- computer interaction to help people, in this case, the users of social Chatbots are being used in many industries, including customer service, e- commerce, and e-learning. At GCM Web Solutions we always start with a consultation regarding the chatbot creation to make sure we are story boarding the journet correctly before production. 

we will then create the chatbot with the branding and colours of the website its being attached to. Our chatbot creations is delivered to the customer on time and without fault. So What are you waiting for, we are here in ossett wakefield in the town centre come and see us and lets begin our journey 

Chatbots Are Becoming A Website Standard

When customers need help, many businesses are using a chat as their first contact. In almost every industry, companies use chatbots to help customers easily navigate their websites, answer simple questions and direct them to the appropriate points of contact. Retail companies and telecommunication providers use chatbot as an interaction channel with their customers. A linear process flow is what the bot is designed to lead customers through. As their benefits have become readily available and easily embedded into the daily life of consumers, virtual assistant chatbots have risen in popularity. People use them to quickly retrieve information, schedule appointments, and interact with a business at any time of the day. 74% of customers now prefer to use chatbots as their first point of call as information is at the ready 24 hours a day. chatbot creation can be expensive for small business, many of our competitors charch for the build of the chatbot a monthly fee based on interaction the chatbot gets, GCM Web Solutions are different we want customers to thrive with their businesses so we dont chatge a set up fee or restirct you on interactions the chatbot can have, we charge a simple monthly management and hosting fee, thats it, get in touch with the contact from below and lets begin the chatbot creation of your very own 24/7 robot worker.





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